Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Originals by Cat Patrick - Book Review

Title: The Originals 
Author: Cat Patrick 
Publication: May 7, 2014 
Series: None. 
Format: Ebook 
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


Lizzie, Ella, and Betsey Best grew up believing they were identical triplets.

Then they learned the truth...

and no one else can know.

Now, to the outside world, the Best family appears to consist of a single mother with one seventeen-year-old daughter named Elizabeth. Lizzie, Ella, and Betsey take turns going to school, pursuing extracurriculars, and even dating.

Then Lizzie meets Sean Kelly, the one person who can help her realize she's not a carbon copy of the others - she's an individual with unique dreams and desires. Digging deeper into her background and her mother's role in her life, Lizzie begins to dismantle the delicate balance of an unusual family that only science could have created.

My Review:

Wow this was an amazing book. I thought it was fantastic. It was a cool and interesting book at once. I was simply confused on how they all lived the life they did. Going as one person to school everyday must have been hard. As I said, I was confused. I don't know how they pulled it off for so long. I was very impressed by this book, I was interested in the blurb and the cover but I was not expecting an amazing book. There were a few scenes that I thought were boring but everything else that happened has kept my 5 stars up and not brought down by boring scenes.

- Lizzie
Our main girl. I liked Lizzie's character far more than the other two sisters. I thought it was great that Lizzie wanted to be her own person. What triplet wouldn't? I thought she was an excellent main character, I think things what have been different if we were seeing it in Ella or Betsey's eyes. It was nice to have it from Lizzie point of view. I know I am saying that quite a lot but I am not sure how to really describe her character. She wasn't as intelligent as the other two but she had her share of smarts. She was more open to becoming her own person.  

- Ella
I think Ella was the most responsible one. I had a hard time picturing them as all twins. Every time they were all talking to each other, I kept seeing three different girls. It was pretty hard picturing the exact same person I pictured Lizzie as the rest of the two. Ella was the one that was most afraid of change, I guess. I think she was just so used to the triple life system it didn't come across her that she could have a life of her own. Of course, through chapters she realized it more and more.  

- Betsey
I kept picturing Betsey as the youngest one even though they are all exactly the same age. Through them I pictures Ella the oldest, Lizzie the middle child, and Betsey the youngest. It was the way they acted that I kept picturing them this way. Betsey was the ones who was a little afraid of opening up to everyone, she hesitated a lot before admitting what she really felt. She kept all of her emotions to herself. Of course, like Ella, she became more open and started to finally admit that she wanted her own personal life as well. ]

Overall, I thought this was a great book. I am glad and upset that this isn't a series. Glad because it all ended with just this book. Upset because it all ended with just this book. Does that make sense? I am happy that there aren't any more problems with them and that it all ended perfectly, but I am being a little greedy with wanting more. Although I am perfectly fine with just this book, don't go making another add on to this book, Cat. Make a different series if you need to but leave this book as a standalone. It was really a great book.

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