Sunday, August 9, 2015

Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen - Book Review

Title: Keeping The Moon
Author: Sarah Dessen 
Publication: May 11, 2004 
Series: None.
Format: Ebook
My Rating: 


Never underestimate the power of friendship.

When Colie goes to spend the summer at the beach, she doesn't expect much.

But Colie didn't count on meeting Morgan and Isabel.

Through them, she learns what true friendship is all about, and finally starts to realize her potential.

And that just might open the door to her first chance at love...

My Review:

I really enjoyed this book. I wasn't sure I was going to like it in the beginning chapter because Colie was a little irritating at first. I then started to grow to like her though. Sarah Dessen seems to do this a lot in her books, I've realized this, that she seems to skim through the days. I think that's why I always would give her books 4 stars instead of 5 because I wanted it to be more descriptive I guess. But I do love her books, they are very beautiful.  

- Colie
So as I said, I didn't really think I was going to like this book because of her character but I found myself really liking Colie's character. I didn't love Colie but I did like her. I wish she was a little more open though, she always would keep to herself and I just wanted her to speak up numerous times.  

- Norman
I really liked Norman. The only thing I really wished was different was how engaged Norman's character was. It was mostly all about Colie, Isabel, and Morgan I sometimes forgot he was even there until the last few chapters and the very few times he would be mentioned. For some reason, at the beginning I thought he was older, like in his 30's for some reason. I have no idea why I thought that...

- Isabel
I loved Isabel's character. Even though she was very rude a lot of times, I did enjoy her character. She was just so real, I loved her.  

- Morgan
No. No. No. I didn't like Morgan one bit. How naive she was just got me so frustrated. I couldn't stand Morgan's character at all. Everything about her irritated me.  

Overall, I was expecting something big to happen, like with her mother to finally talk to her about not being so controlling. Or just something to get me hyped but it didn't happen so I was disappointed but the book does have a beautiful message to it. I absolutely loved Mira, she did things that she enjoyed and didn't care one bit about what others thought, I really admired her character. Not my favorite by Dessen, but this was still a great book.


  1. I've had this book for a while but haven't got round to reading it yet, I'll definitely be picking it up this summer! Sarah Dessen always provides a good summer read. :)

  2. It's interesting to read reviews from Sarah Dessen's works, primarily because I used to like her but maybe because I've encountered better Contemporary authors, I have grown her out of my system. Also, my lately reads from her didn't impress me.

    But anyway, I must say that this is an interesting review. Eventhough it disappointed you at some parts, I'm glad that this book contains a beautiful message. So with that, perhaps I might give this a try.

    Thanks for this review, Trinity! <3

    Fiona of A Girl Between the Pages

    1. Ah thank you Fiona!! <3

      I hope you do enjoy if you decide to give it a try. :)

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  5. I love Sarah Dessen! I also love that you have pixie dust trails on the pointer! Awesome!

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