Saturday, August 1, 2015

Forever by Judy Blume - ARC Review

Title: Forever
Author: Judy Blume 

Publication: June 3, 2005
Series: None. 
Format: Ebook 
My Rating: ♥


Katherine and Michael meet at a New Year's Eve party. They're attracted to each other, they grow to love each other. And once they've decided their love is forever, they make love.

It's the beginning of an intense and exclusive relationship, with a future all planned. Until Katherine's parents insist that she and Michael put their love to the test with a summer apart...

"Forever" is written for an older age group than Judy Blume's other novels for children. It caused a storm of controversy when it was first published because of its explicit sexual content.

It was a book ahead of its time - and remains, after thirty years in print, a teenage best-seller. America's No. 1 children's author has written some of the best books of our time about real-life issues - family stress and pressures, what happens when your parents divorce, the problems of growing up and sexual awakening, bereavement - with insight, sensitivity and honesty.

The response of readers all around the world continues to make her one of the best-loved writers ever published.

My Review:

I recieved a digital copy of this book free of cost for a read-to-review basis.

This was absolutely terrible. I knew it from the moment I finished the first chapter. The characters were just so annoying and ugh I hated this. I really wanted to like this one but this was horrendous. So many of my friends on goodreads read this book and rated 4 or 5 stars and I was thinking to myself, "Hmm maybe I should give this a try." and I was disappointed. This was my first book from Judy Blume and I'm not really impressed.

- Katherine
In the beginning, I kind of liked Katherine's character. She seemed nice, and I was really hoping she was going to be amazing. But sadly, I was again disappointed. She let Michael rush her into things and I kept wanting to throw bricks at her face.

- Michael
Nope, nooo I hated Michael. He didn't care that Katherine might have not been just yet ready for sex but all he cared about were his needs. He did have his romantic sides but everytime they were together all he wanted was sex. I really wanted to like him but he was just too much. He was just so impulsive I wanted to throw bricks at him too.

Overall, I wanted to throw bricks at everyone in this book except for Katherine's family. They were the only good things about this book. I'm not trying to throw so much dish onto this review but I mean I was hoping for better when I saw how many people loved this book. It was just so terrible. I mean I can see why some people might enjoy this but I wasn't impressed.


  1. I hate to say this but I haven't ever read a Judy Blume book. Everyone seems to love the author though. Sorry this book didn't turn out great - I'm now hesitant as to whether I even want to read one of the author's books. Wonderful review!

    1. This was the first one I've read from Judy Blume and can't say I'm impressed. I'm definitely going to give her another try but I'm expecting much now.

      And thank you! :)

    2. I meant to type I'm not expecting much now lol!