Friday, October 24, 2014

The Transfer by Veronica Roth - Book Review

Title: The Transfer
Author: Veronica Roth 
Publication: September 3, 2013
Series: Divergent #0.1
Format: Ebook 
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


Complete your Divergent library with the Four stories! 

Fans of the Divergent series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth will be captivated by "Four: The Transfer," the first of four stories, each between fifty and seventy-five pages long, set in the world of Divergent and told from Tobias's perspective. 

In "The Transfer," readers witness Tobias's aptitude test, Choosing Day, and the moment he is given the infamous nickname "Four."

My Review:

I loved that this was in Tobias's point of view. It was so sad to see how he lived before he went to dauntless and I love seeing how he got his name and the whole process of his beginning. I am so happy that there are more books in his point of view because I loved it. 

- Tobias
I love Tobias, he is just incredible. It's so sad seeing him in a weak form, how frightened he was growing up. I am glad he has changed from that because it was just terrible reading those scenes, they made me tear up really bad.

- Marcus
Ugh. I do not like Marcus. He is so abusive and horrible. I don't understand why he likes seeing his son in pain and always "teaching him a lesson". 

Overall, I loved the book and I am glad I gave this novella a try. I am excited to read the rest of them, they all look so good and I want to see Tobias's life before he met Tris.


  1. I so agree with you! Tobias <3
    I loved all these novellas, hope you enjoy :D

    ~Carina @