Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Love Story by Kassandra Kush - Book Review

Title: The Love Story 
Author: Kassandra Kush 
Publication: March 24, 2013 
Series: The Things We Can't Change #4 
Format: Ebook  
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥½


Evie and Zeke have healed – or so they think. But with the start of the school year comes new challenges and new problems.

They have bared their souls, found a connection, and worked on their problems. They have come to terms with their grief and are learning to move on and still go on with life, even though it’s without two of the people they used to love the most. And yet with one kiss, everything changes yet again and they learn that their healing isn’t quite complete.

Not only do they have to return to school, face down the rumors and the peer pressure and old and new friends, but they have to learn about love. Evie has never been in a healthy relationship and struggles with standing up for herself, while Zeke must finally decide if he wants to feel the emotions Evie gives him, or continue going through life denying his emotions.

Evie and Zeke have healed – but now they must learn how to love with their healed hearts.

My Review:

Wow! Such a great add to the series!! I have absolutely loved this series and all the characters. I cannot believe all that happened in this book. I went into this thinking it was the last book but after that ending I realize now that there is a 5th book, which is going to be amazing! I need to purchase this book as soon as possible!

- Evie
I am so happy for Evie, she is much better than in the last book. I am proud of Evie, she is great in this book. Zeke really challenges her and she is so much more better than what she thought she was capable of, she doesn't have to rely on anyone or lean on somebody to live her life.

- Zeke
Zeke is better through every book. There is more emotion in this book from him and it is just awesome! I really love Zeke, he pushes Evie to be the best that she can be and I think that that is just adorable!

Overall, I loved this book! I cannot wait to purchase the finale of this book. The ending was so shocking I almost dropped my kindle in surprise. Of all the things that could happen that was the thing I least expected. This book was great!

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