Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Healing by Kassandra Kush - Book Review

Title: The Healing
Author: Kassandra Kush
Publication: September 24, 2013
Series: The Things We Can't Change #3
Format: Ebook 
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥


Devastated by the loss of her father, Evie is floundering, drowning, and reaching out desperately for a lifeline – and finding absolutely nothing to cling to. 

Still unable to come to terms with the death of his sister, Zeke is going on mindlessly, with no thought of tomorrow, only living in the now and trying furiously to bury and deny his emotions. 

Two people who have both lost and suffered so much can only ignore each other’s pain for so long before seeing the similarities in what they are feeling. As Evie clings to Zeke as the one thing that makes her feel safe and grounded, Zeke can’t deny that she’s the one person who makes him feel – and feel emotions that he’s not sure he wants to push away. 

Against both their better judgment and wishes, Evie and Zeke begin sharing their problems and grief, and they discover things that startle both of them; understanding. Empathy. Affinity. Compassion. And maybe, if they are willing to dig deep enough and try hard enough and trust enough, the most important thing of all.


My Review:

Wow, this book was great! Definitely a great add to the series! I have enjoyed this series from book one and I am still enjoying it. I am loving this series more and more by every book I read. Not a lot of people have heard about this book but I am glad I found it because I have absolutely loved them. 

- Evie
Evie is getting better and better by every book that comes. She is stronger, and much more better. She is still relying on Zeke way too much in my opinion, she has to learn how to take care of herself without the help of anyone. 

- Zeke
Ah Zeke, such a great guy. He is so sweet even though he doesn't like to show he is. He should show his feelings more often. I love reading from both sides of point of views, I love seeing how Zeke is feeling and also how Evie is. I don't think this book would be the same if we were just reading from Evie's point of view or Zeke's. They challenge and know each other so well it is just adorable. 

Overall, I really liked this book. This was a great add to the series and I am excited to get onto the next book, which I probably will very soon. That ending was so amazing, everything is going to be different now after that ending

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