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Boy Crazy by Hailey Abbot - Book Review

Title: Boy Crazy 
Author: Hailey Abbot 
Series: None. 
Publication: April 28, 2009 
Format: Ebook
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥


 How to Date Like a Guy: 

1. Flirt constantly. 

2. Keep your options open. 

3. Don't get attached. 

Cassie and her two best friends, Greta and Keagan, are so over boyfriends. But just because the girls are anti-boyfriend doesn't mean they're anti-boy. So they make a pact for the summer: They'll each kiss ten different guys before school starts—no commitments, no drama, just fun. Sounds easy enough. Then Cassie meets the perfect guy (nine boys too soon), and the pact starts to seem like a terrible idea. Not to mention Boy Number One turns out to be her best friend's ex. Ugh—Cassie's summer just went from carefree to complicated faster than she can say "heartbreaker."

My Review:

I really liked this book. The only reason I didn't really give this book 5 stars is because the beginning was just a little too coy for me. It seemed as though this was going to be a retarded book but I really ended up liking it much more than I thought I would after reading the first chapter. 

I liked Cassie's character a lot. I liked how she was around Trey, she seemed like a real person around him other than what she was supposed to be acting like when she was trying to get a kiss from the random guys. 

Greta was a nice character to read, she always spoke her mind and was a very strong character of herself. I respect that she didn't want another heartbreak like her old one so she didn't want to fall in love. It was a relief reading a character like this one. 

I was surprised that she was the one who the mentioned the most when she made out with someone other than Greta. She wasn't really a big character but they were all funny. 

Trey is really cute. The romance with them was adorable. I love how they always teased each other, it was really cute. I wish the romance went sooner than it did between them though. 

Overall, this was a nice cute read. I would recommend this if you want a cute contemporary read and a few laughs. This book made me cry just a little, around the ending but it was an affordable read that didn't take long to finish.

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